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Próximas fechas 2022:
del 28 Febrero al 4 de Marzo ATC
4 de Marzo MFA
Del 5 al 9 de Marzo ITC

Do you love kitesurfing? Tired of working in the office and can't wait to grab a board and go kiting? You don't have a job and you're looking for a new opportunity? So, what are you waiting for? You participate in the IKO instructor course and make kitesurfing your job!


You carry your passion around the world

The IKO Instructor Course is the best way to start a new career in the world of professional kitesurfing and live your dream. You can work in an IKO certified kitesurfing school or as an independent instructor anywhere in the world. The IKO certification is the only one internationally recognized.

IKO certifies Instructors since 2001 and is present in 62 countries and has more than 300 IKO centers around the world and several hundred schools that work only with IKO instructors.

Thanks to the IKO technique you will learn to teach in a structured and safe way. All the IKO training and exercise content, included in the course, will show you how to find the perfect balance between fun and safety, without losing sight of the uniqueness of each future kitesurfer.

Once the international certification has been obtained, IKO will constantly make its knowledge available to you, informing you of all the new teaching methodologies, in addition to having at your complete disposal a global network of schools and other instructors with job offers from all corners of the planet!


How is the IKO Instructor Course structured and how long is it?

The course is organized at the PKS Tenerife school located in El Médano on the incredible island of Tenerife.

Is divided into three parts:

  1. Certificación de Assistant I.K.O. (curso A.T.C.)  de 5 dias, precio del curso 500 euros
  2. M.F.A. course (Medic First Aid) 1 day, course price 100 euros
  3. Certificación de Instructor I.K.O. de 1er nivel (curso I.T.C.) de 5 dias, precio del curso 800 euros

To guarantee a high level of quality, IKO imposes that the number of participants cannot exceed 8. Therefore, the available places will be reserved only for those who pay the registration fee first.



What are the benefits of being an IKO instructor?

  1. Access to the professional area on the website
  2. Possibility of contracting an insurance dedicated exclusively to teaching
  3. Buy products with special prices
  4. Access to job offers
  5. Have a personal page to manage and publish your professional profile visible to everyone on the IKO website for your potential students to track
  6. Propose in the search / job offer area


Prerequisites to participate in the IKO I.T.C. :

  1. Tener al menos 18 años (16 años por el A.T.C.)
  2. Know how to kite for at least 1 year and be certified as level 3N of the IKO for at least 6 months (jump in and serve on the side); perform level 3N skills on demand in all wind conditions (10-30 knots)
  3. Have a valid Assistant Instructor (A.T.C.) certificate
  4. Have a valid MFA or CPR first aid certificate or have committed to obtaining it during the next I.T.C. with the same examiner
  5. Must be able to read and write in the language of the course
  6. Sign the disclaimer form

It is also essential to come to the course with your own equipment: kite, board, harness and especially helmet and life jacket or impact jacket (or rent it at the school).

Course registration procedure:

La inscripción debe realizarse lo antes posible realizando el pago porque las plazas son limitadas.

To enroll in the course you must:
1) go to the IKO page and pay the IKO fee for both ATC and ITC courses Click here

2) Pay the booking fees to PKS Tenerife (50% of the cost of the courses) by bank transfer. ATC = 181 euros ITC = 285 euros

Bank account details:


IBAN: ES9321006738020200117158


3) Send the payment receipts to

4) Pay the remaining amount at the beginning of the course. ATC = 181 euros ITC = 285 euros


Once the deposit is received, the confirmation of participation in the course and the manual to start studying will be sent to you.




For questions or more information


We hope you will join the PKS team to take full advantage of the benefits it offers!

Próximas fechas 2022:
del 28 Febrero al 4 de Marzo ATC
4 de Marzo MFA
Del 5 al 9 de Marzo ITC

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    Próximas fechas 2022:
    del 28 Febrero al 4 de Marzo ATC
    4 de Marzo MFA
    Del 5 al 9 de Marzo ITC

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