PKS Tenerife began its activity in El Médano, on the south coast of the island. The school's Canary Island base and rental centre for kitesurfing and windsurfing equipment is the second centre that PKS opens in Europe. As in the headquarters in Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy, on the southern coast of Tuscany, also in Tenerife you can start kitesurfing, windsurfing, sup (stand up paddleboard) and surfing followed by qualified instructors and above all professionals of this activity.

The centre of El Médano opens up in front of the beach from which you can go into the water to practice sports activities. At the western end of the Paseo which runs along the coastal edge of the village. Here, against the backdrop of the charming Montaña Roja, you will learn everything you need to practice kitesurfing, windsurfing, sup and surfing safely, becoming active from the very first moments of your course.

Kitesurf en el viento de El Médano

Those who are already experienced and want to rent equipment will find what they are looking for. Inside the structure, the section dedicated to renting is equipped with RRD material from the last season. Kite, boards, bars, sails, masts, boom, but also trapeziums, wetsuits, helmets, lifebuoys. Everything you need to have fun in the water without any problem.

The headquarters of PKS Tenerife, on the southern coast of the island, was chosen for the constancy and intensity of the wind blowing in the bay. So famous that even a stop at the PWA, the windsurfing world cup, is organised in these waters every August. El Médano, in the local language: the dune, is "weekend away" from all the European capitals. With an international airport 15 minutes away by car. Blessed by a climate that knows only two seasons in a year: spring and summer, it is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to practice kitesurfing, windsurfing the sup or surfing whenever he wishes.

Kitesurf, windsurf, surf and all you want in Canary Island

pks kitesurf tenerifeBut it is not enough. Because the offers of our Canarian headquarters are many. The instructors, certified IKO (International Kite Organization) and FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) have the skills to follow any type of need on the water. From the simplest, but fundamental ones, intended for beginners, to the most advanced and complex ones for experienced kitesurfers.

At PKS Tenerife it is also possible to approach the navigation in foiling, both with kitesurfing and windsurfing. All the equipment, always RRD, is available and offers solutions suitable both for those who have to start, with more stable boards and foils, and for those who are already aiming at performance.

When it comes to sport you can't ignore fitness. Kitesurfing and windsurfing can be practiced by all people able to climb a flight of stairs without problems. However, if you are in better shape, the results will be achieved faster. For this reason, PKS Tenerife offers specific training for the activity undertaken. Perfect for keeping fit in general, but optimised for the needs of surfer, supper, kiter and windsurfer.


In the Tenerife headquarters of PKS there is no lack of a shop where you can find technical equipment for the sports practised here and RRD branded clothing from the latest collection.

In the structure of the school there is also the advantage of being able to use the private boxes to leave their belongings, covered dressing room and even the hot shower. After a day at sea you need (and longed for) the right rest. Also in this case PKS provides the right service. Next to the school, overlooking the paseo, there is a newly renovated apartment with every comfort, including dishwasher, wifi and air conditioning. 40 steps from the water of the Atlantic Ocean is the ideal accommodation for a couple with children or for four friends.

At this point, if you still don't want to go kiteboarding or windsurfing you can just take it up yourself ;-)

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